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Today, I will bare my teenage soul to tell a short story about how I became loyal to a certain brand.

My hormones started kicking in at the age of 12; incidentally, the same year as receiving sex education but the hormones definitely kicked in a few months before we reached that part of the textbook.  I had my first crush that year.  She went on to play a little joke on me by pretending to like me.  The little confidence  I had, was shattered.

Not really, it wasn’t shattered, but I always had little confidence.  I wasn’t good looking, not at 12 especially!  I couldn’t get myself to talk to the girls I fancied – by girls I mean different girls over the years, never more than one girl at one time!  Though I never asked any of them out, I had confessed feelings and asked some to the prom or school dance.  None of those ever worked out either.

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Bloggers, Bloggers, Everywhere! – Unedited

The final published piece of the draft below was posted here.  However, I felt that the post wouldn’t get the points across as my original.  So here’s the original 🙂

Earlier this year, a certain tweet* caught my eye, before I realized these tweets were fast becoming a trend:


Tweet generated at


Oh, fellow bloggers!  I thought.

Enthusiastically I clicked through the profiles to see what these people blog about.  The blogs consisted mostly of write-ups of brands’ BTL activities.  Somewhere in between 12 posts would be a piece of writing that did not seem like a brand’s push tactic.

Ah, the disappointment! 

Since that tweet, I have been fascinated by brands’ willingness to jump on this bandwagon, especially after observing the following: Continue reading →