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Engro Foods: The Good, The Not So Bad, and The Ugly!

Engro Foods’ (EFL) rise over the last ten years has been admirable.  Their knack for continuously bringing something different to the market – even if the categories aren’t new – is laudable.

This post will look at their product innovations of sort from the 4Ps perspective.  No, I will not be simply stating Engro Foods first launched this, then this, you can find their goods at these stores blah blah. Not here to relay common knowledge!

Rather, as the title suggests, it’ll be some opinions on what has been the good, the not so bad, and the ugly of their efforts from a 4Ps perspective.  Don’t worry, the 4Ps don’t fall under each head so hopefully this won’t be too long except for when I go in my rant-like mode when discussing the ‘ugly’!  If you’re only looking for critique then you can skip the good part 😉

The Good

Product, product, product!  And price, and place 😉

Okay, so EFL hasn’t brought anything new to the table when it comes to milk or cream or tea whitening.   Continue reading →